| FULL EPISODE – June 2, 2022

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt just enacted one of the nation’s strongest laws to protect the unborn. We’re joined by the Archbishop of Oklahoma City to highlight this strongly pro-life state and its people. Kansans will soon have the opportunity to vote to amend the state’s Constitution, erasing a so-called “right” to abortion. Pro-life research experts are sounding the alarm against the pro-abortion lobby as it encourages women to keep their abortions a secret. We get the details from the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s Tessa Longbons. Plus, we speak with Eric Sammons of Crisis Magazine to unpack potential causes of the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Prudence Robertson Speaks Out after a pro-abortion mom told her newborn baby that she had the right to kill her. We introduce you to Jeff Bradford, President of Human Coalition, who shares how his group is entering into abortion dense areas to help moms in need ahead of the final Dobbs decision. EWTN Pro-life Weekly with Prudence Robertson airs every Thursday night at 10 PM ET and re-airs on Sundays at 10:30am ET and Tuesdays at 1:30pm ET.