EWTN Pro-Life Weekly | FULL EPISODE – October 26, 2022

Dr. Kevin Roberts of The Heritage Foundation tells us what’s at stake in the upcoming midterm elections. He spoke about the importance of promoting what he calls “radical incrementalism” on the life issue, with the ultimate goal of ending abortion in our nation. We take you to Florida, the location of several important midterm races, and speak with Nate Robertson, who’s running to represent his community in the Florida statehouse. We sit down with students and staff members of Community Pregnancy Clinics who day in and day out advocate for the unborn on the front lines. Prudence Robertson Speaks Out against the pro-abortion claims by an outspoken abortionist who recently made a visit to the White House; President Biden continues his pro-abortion push and the USCCB responds. EWTN Pro-life Weekly with Prudence Robertson airs every Thursday night at 10 PM ET and re-airs on Sundays at 10:30am ET and Tuesdays at 1:30pm ET.