Fr Hans Zollner Safeguard Institute Pt2

Welcome to another, new edition of Vatican Insider. My very special guest in the interview segment – Fr. Hans Zollner, a German Jesuit, theologian and psychologist, returns this weekend for Part II of our conversation. In 2012 at Rome’s Jesuit-run Gregorian University, he founded and was president of the Center For Child Protection. In April 2021 that became the Institute of Anthropology, Interdisciplinary Studies on Human Dignity and care (IADC) that he now directs. Father Zollner is a licensed psychotherapist and is regarded as one of the leading ecclesiastical experts in the field of safeguarding from sexual abuse, especially in the Catholic Church. We talk about the Institute, also known as the Safeguarding Institute, the courses and degrees it offers and how dioceses around the world are adopting similar programs. Don’t miss a word of this conversation!