Fr Gerald Murray Synod on Synodality Pt 1

Welcome to a new edition of Vatican Insider as we end the first full week of work at the synod on synodality in the Vatican. I have been posting daily updates on the synod on Joan’s Rome, and the Vatican news website has been offering some of the speeches given by participants in the synod. I focus on the synod in the interview segment where my guest is Fr. Gerald Murray, pastor at Holy Family Church in NY, prolific writer and noted Canon lawyer. He was in Rome to give a talk on the synod and to cover it as well. He tells us of the serious concerns he has about the synod process, especially from the point of view of Canon law, and about the working document that guides both the preparation of a synod and its actual work. We look at what is being described as “the new synodal church”. (photo from LinkedIn) You will find our conversation both riveting and very informative. If you had questions about the synod, they very well may have been answered by Father Murray who, by the way, will be back with more next week!